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Ultimate Diamond Car Covers

Ultimate HD Diamond PRO Car Cover

The Ultimate form of protection,our Weatherproof Quality car cover offers a wide range of protection with 5 layers of fabric, including an inner fleece lining, UV additives, and a 10 Year Warranty for a complete defense against all weather conditions. Comparable to any High-End car cover, our Diamond covers provide the Ultimate care and defense for your vehicle. Plus get a Free Lock Kit Set! 

HD - High Definition and Durability 

The NEXT Step up from our Ultimate Diamond Car Cover, these car covers rely on a professional stitching pattern that reduces the amount of UV Ray damage and Increases the cover's lifespan. Many covers break down because of extreme heat, but our HD Diamond cover has been tested and proven to prevent the weakening of fibers - both external and internal layers! 
PRO - Increased Warranty 


Indoor / Outdoor Protection 
Vehicle / Auto Cover 
Perfect for Any 
Level of Weather 
Water Protection & Prevents Dust 
Reflects UV Rays


Full Elastic Hem 
Built-In Grommets 
Pull Strings 
Lowest Price Guarantee 
Free Lock Kit Set


Double-Stitched Seams 
Non-Abrasive Fabric 
5 Layers of Material with a Scratchproof Lining 
100% Waterproof Fabric


Extremely Soft 
Fewer Car Washes 
Easy Cleaning 
Recommended as a Safeguard for new paint jobs 
Top Value 
Best Durability 
Protects Your Dashboard 
Excellent Weather Protection 
(Rainy Days, Ice, Snowfalls, Hail, etc.) 
x3 - The Most Effective Cover 
for Reflecting UV Rays