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Silver Car Cover

To Purchase Indoor Covers:

Lightweight, Useful, & UV Protected

What makes a 2 Layer with UV protection useful or worth buying?  

  • Folds Quickly and Takes Up Little to No Space

  • Shields your Car, Truck, SUV, Van, Station Wagon, Motorcycle, or ATV from Dust and Unwanted Particles

  • Reflects UV Rays

  • Protects Your Dashboard

  • Accessibility for Indoor & Outdoor Protection

  • Easy Cleaning

  • Increase Your Vehicle's Lifetime!

Silver Car Covers

Our high quality car covers offer extra protection through an extra additive, which increases overall durability, outdoor protection, and more practical for everyday use. Our Silver car covers offer the same benefits of a standard quality cover yet are able to withstand direct heat and sunlight for long periods of time, provide water resistance, and UV protection. Offers

Top Quality Assistance

We will find the perfect sized cover to fit your vehicle. Our car specialists have categorized thousands of vehicles based on their length, width, height, year, added accessories, and unique body type or frame structure. From the smallest of sports cars to 15 passenger vans, our inventory constantly expands to meet the needs of every customer.

In any type of weather or location, our customer service representatives will match the proper quality cover for any area. Across the globe, our car covers offer full coverage on different levels not just for durability or weather protection but also practicality at a low cost.