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Return Policy: Exchanges and Refunds

When upon receiving your order, you discover the size to be incorrect, damaged or lost, or any problem with your merchandise, please take the following steps for a quick replacement of your item.

To request an RMA, please visit our Contact page to get a response. It's simple and fast!

Exchange: Damaged Goods

If your cover arrives damaged, please upload a picture of the cover and email it to us with a small description about your problem and any contact information you wish to provide, such as e-mail, phone number, etc. Within 24 hours, we will notify you about your shipment's status. For all exchanges, you will be sent return label for your original item, so please do not ship out your item unless directed to do so by one of our representatives. Please place a note inside the box with your order information, such as name, contact information, item purchased, and order number.

Exchange: Incorrect Size/Product

If your cover does not appear to fit correctly, please contact us detailing your problem and contact information. It is highly recommended that you send us an email that has a picture with the cover fitted onto your vehicle as best as possible in order for us to better assist you. Within 24 hours, a representative will alert you whether your size is incorrect or whether the cover was just improperly put on.

After contacting us, please place a note inside the box with your order information, stating your name, contact information, item purchased, order number, and reason for exchange. We will be sending you a return label that you may use to ship out your package.

Only use our return label. Do not ship out your item with any other form of mailing unless you are specifically directed to do so by one of our representatives (Such as if you are from Canada or outside the 48 states). Please place a note inside the box with your order information, such as name, contact information, item purchased, and order number.

Due to shipping times, your correct size can take up to 10 days to process and reship for domestic shipments. For further assistance, please contact a representative detailing your questions or concerns.

Missing Item(s) or Part(s)

Please be aware that all items are brand new, never been used merchandise. We do not sell previously owned, tested, or in any form used. If, for any reason, your product doesn't work properly or appears to be missing any part(s), please contact a representative for assistance. In case you had an order of multiple items and never received your whole order, please contact us detailing your problem, order information, and contact information.

Do not send us any products back due to missing items or parts. A representative will provide you with the proper information needed to either fix or replace and/or reship your item(s) depending on your problem(s).


In case your item was delivered to the wrong address, please follow the following steps to correct this error.

*If you had sent us prior notification, please call a representative, and we will reship you your item right away!*

If you did not send us prior notification, our company will investigate the issue as quickly as possible.

1. If the item is declared found, we will have the item returned to our company. You must pay a second shipping charge for the second shipment.

2. If the item is declared lost, we will notify the carrier about their insurance policy. If the claim is approved, we will reship a second shipment; however, you must pay a second shipping charge for the second shipment. If the claim is unapproved, please call a representative for further assistance.


A full refund of your item can only be given within 60 days from payment received and that your item is delivered back to our company. 

If you are not entirely satisfied with your purchase the return shipping will be paid by us, by requesting a prepaid return shipping label.

For further clarification about our return policy and for unique cases that are not particular of a normal return, contact us over the phone at 1-800-221-0718

Note: Refunds are processed after a follow-up from either a customer representative or the customer contacting us after return's delivery. This is meant to clear up any last minute issues and to guarantee all issues have been resolved.

Returns include a 15% restocking fee after the 60 day return policy when an item is purchased for the wrong vehicle OR for a vehicle with customizations without prior notification. This fee is non-negotiable. 


If you are unsure on what to do, feel free to contact us for more information at or call us Toll-Free at 1-800-221-0718.