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Platinum Car Cover

Platinum Car Cover - Our Waterproof Cover!

To Purchase a Waterproof Cover

Waterproof, High Quality, and Double Stitching

What makes a Waterproof car cover useful or worth buying?  

  • Perfect for Rainy Days and Snowfall

  • Shields your Car, Truck, SUV, Van, Station Wagon, Motorcycle, or ATV from Dust and Unwanted Particles

  • Added Stitching Offers a Solid Surface

  • 4 Layers of Fabric for a Scratchproof Cover

  • Perfect for Outdoor Protection and Nearly Any Weather

  • Softness with Great Durability

  • Increase Your Vehicle's Lifetime! 

Platinum Car Covers

Our Waterproof Quality car cover offer 4 layers of protection, for near-perfect weather protection. With the same breath-ability and soft touch as a lightweight car cover, our “Platinum” car covers are able to  withstand rain and snow, keeping your car warm and dry. Plus, the unique double stitching used provides top quality protection for a scratch-proof car cover. Lastly, the added weight will keep your cover from blowing away because of high winds, which are common during days with rain or snow. Offers

Top Quality Assistance

Rain and snow are two types of weather that are enjoyable but troublesome. Rain cleans your car of any dirt, but also leaves your car wet and overtime deteriorates your car's wheels, can lead to rusting, and washes away any waxing. Snow can lead to ice build up on the windows and freeze your car, which isn't good for any automobile over long periods of time.

A waterproof car cover allows you to have more control as to when to clean your car and keeping your car at a safe temperature. By preserving a wax coating, your car retains its shine, UV protection, paint, and overall quality as an expensive piece of equipment.

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