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OEM Accessories

OEM Accessories | OEM Products

What exactly are OEM accessories or OEM products? When people are looking to purchase an item, they usually like to buy “the real thing”. Well, products that carry a different name on the packaging may still be “the real thing”. OEM accessories or original equipment manufacturer products are the authentic product. The Car Cover manufactures multiple types of car covers, and every item is OEM - even the Amazing Roll Up Car Cover!

Companies often purchase accessories from other manufacturers and then place their label on it. OEM accessories are identical to the items manufactured for the company that placed their label on it, but after a period of time the manufacturer is allowed to place their company label on some of the same items and sell them also. Therefore, OEM accessories are in every way the same as the name brand, just with a different label. The reason for OEM accessories is based in the principle of economies of scale. The more of a product that is produced, the less the cost of production is per item.

Aftermarket products are the opposite of OEM products. Aftermarket products are items manufactured trying to duplicate a certain product. Manufacturers try to replicate a product in the way it performs and fits, but unlike OEM accessories, since it is not made by the same company, it may have some slight differences.

Therefore, one should not assume that just because products have a different label they will not perform up to the same level as the real brand. In reality, if they are OEM accessories they will be exactly the same as the brand name, just at a lower price and with a different label. So, next time you are looking to purchase items, remember if they are OEM products, you will be getting exactly the same quality just at a lower price. offers great deals for your car, motorcycle, truck, ATV, SUV and van.