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Mustang Car Cover including Custom Fit Car Covers

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Ford Mustang Car Covers


Ford Mustangs have been Rockin’ America and the World since their debut in 1965, and whether you own one of the first models, or one fresh from a dealer’s stock, has a high quality car cover to fit your particular model, whether you park indoors or out on the street.
Since their introduction, Ford Mustangs have been made famous in movies and TV shows. Some models are highly sought-after collector’s items, perhaps even yours. At, we think that all cars deserve special attention, respect, and protection from the elements. Our high quality car covers are custom-tailored for your particular car to shield it from rain, snow, dirt, dust, UV damage, bird droppings, tree sap, or even acid rain while also protecting it against from minor scratches and dings which often happen when a car is parked long term in a carport or garage.
Please think about the typical weather where you live, and where your will most often park your vehicle. If your Ford Mustang will usually be kept in a garage, a lighter cover will protect it from the dust and dirt which will slowly dull your car’s paint finish, and methodically eat away at your car’s interior.
If you’re parking your car outside, a water resistant cover, which will also protect against harmful UV rays from the Sun, is your best bet. While strong on the outside, our covers will have soft contact with your vehicle's exterior to prevent scratching or wear.
Whether you own a classic, new, or GT Ford Mustang, offers many types of covers for both outdoor and indoor protection. Depending on the level of protection you desire for your car, the covers will always fit right, offer superior breathability, and all-weather protection, including blocking UV rays, and resistance against heavy rain, ice and snow. While many waterproof car covers trap moisture against your car, our car covers are made to allow condensation to escape as evaporated gas, which will give your Ford Mustang inside-and-out protection. This will help to maintain your vehicle’s resale value, and in some cases, even help to increase its value over time.



Fun facts about Mustangs: Why are Mustangs so popular to the point where companies will make products just for mustangs? (I.E Mustang Car Covers, Mustang Floor Mats, Mustang Seat Covers, Mustang Bumper Stickers, and so on.)

Convertibles have always been a part of the American past time, from the classic Thunderbird, Porsche, Corvettes, Mustangs, all the way to modern cars made by Ferrari or Lamborghini. While all of these famous brands introduce the versatility of classic hot rods and upper class vehicles, Mustangs are a breed of their own.

Currently, the latest Ford Mustang GT coupe (2011) will offer 25/26 Mpg for the highway (Automatic vs Manual) with over 400 horse power and a V-8 engine creates a very eco-friendly yet powerful automobile. But how did a car get to be so popular? Out of the many automobile manufacturers, Ford has sustained a steady flow of sales from their Mustangs with a span of over 45 years and counting.

Mustangs started out in the mid 60's, where the 1965 Mustang was introduced during the 1964 New York World's Fair – one of the largest world fairs that most of our younger generation can't begin to imagine. After the initial showcase, Ford has improved the capabilities of the engine drastically, but the look, the name, and the reliability has kept the same top quality.

So, what makes Mustangs so popular? Aside from their slick design and recognizable logo, this particular sports car or muscle car offers a large variety of models that reaches to a multiple buyers. Teens preparing to purchase their own vehicle look for the cheaper mustangs at around $20,000, which is a reasonably low price for a more powerful car. Plus, you can look to the Shelby models that cost up to around $55,000 for the real deal – the most powerful of the Mustang line as well as being the latest in technology and safety. While you can look at other sports cars like Corvette or Porsche, most of these cars are for wealthier customers, ready to spend at least $60,000. When you compare vehicles – estimating the costs, the performance, the look, the factors of maintenance or repairs, insurance policies, and what you know about the company, buying the best sports car can be difficult.

Even when you plan on buying other accessories, such as Mustang Car Covers or Corvette Covers, what are your expectations? “Will my Mustang Car Cover scratch my paint?” “Does my Mustang Car Cover help prevent weather damage?” After spending a large amount of money on an expensive car, what matters most isn't how you'll look in the car, but how your car will look when you’re not in it, and a Mustang Car Cover is a great way to assure your convertible looking and performing its best.

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