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Lightweight Car Covers

Car covers often vary in size, length, width, and overall shape. This leads to an over abundance amount of car covers made up of different fabric durable material. Waterproof car covers tend to be heavier because of the extra layering, ranging up to 10 to 15 pounds. While the weight might not be that problematic for some, the extra weight can lead to more difficulty when placing their car cover on and folding it up to put away.

While many companies claim heavier car covers add to the durability of their product, only car covers with the proper stitching can create a 100% waterproof car cover; otherwise, water will just get absorbed by the cover and eventually cause the car to get wet plus ruining the cover.

This means that a lighter cover does not necessarily mean that it fails to keep your car dry. In fact, the only reason products might have water penetration is due to holes, improper stitching, and cheaper fabric. wants to provide every customer with the best possible product at the lowest cost, so we continue to manufacture only the highest quality products - lighter weight with a tougher design. Flawless stitchings and a waterproof car cover will lead to a cover that is easy to put on, take off, and enjoy.