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Indoor Car Covers

Many car owners prefer keeping their cars inside garages or some kind of roof because people prefer a dusty car over a wet car with frosted windows that sits under the sun's UV rays.

In reality, the outdoors are only one side to weather damage that can deteriorate your car's overall quality. While a car remains indoors, dust clings to the car's exterior, and the interior can still heat up or freeze depending on the weather conditions.

In fact, there are many garages that absorb so much heat, they become even hotter than the outside. So, while a garage might keep direct UV rays from damaging your car, garages do not fully protect your car's upholstery or receive necessary ventilation. Also, on cold days, unless a garage seals itself completely from the outside, your car will still freeze up from cold air that continues to seep in.

In an effort to completely protect your car, a car cover is an ideal way for keeping your car warm on cold days, adding shade for hot days, and preventing the accumulation of dust for a cleaner car. Especially for older cars that are more susceptible to changes in weather, a car cover will add extra protection even indoors. However, if you own a car with a brand new paint job or simply want a cover with ultimate indoor protection, you may want to consider one of our diamond car covers with an inner fleece lining. The extra layers will prevent the cover from falling down, and the thickness will block accidental bumps, dents, or scratches.