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Gold Car Cover

Dependable, All-Around Protection, and Durable

What makes a 3 Layer useful or worth buying?  

3 Layer Car Covers

  • Improved Water Resistance - Great for High Humidity

  • Shields your Car, Truck, SUV, Van, Station Wagon, Motorcycle, or ATV from Dust and Unwanted Particles

  • Practical and Effective

  • Greater Durability

  • Year Round Coverage

  • Easy Cleaning

  • Increase Your Vehicle's Lifetime!

Information on our other car cover varieties, check out our Car Cover Descriptions Section!

Gold Car Cover

Our Universal Quality car covers offer 3 layers of protection plus the same UV protection as the “Silver” car cover. Our “Gold” car cover provides great protection from year round weather, without a high cost. The extra layer of protection gives greater durability for a longer lifetime, and the added stitching keeps the cover from simple tears or scratches that lighter covers can sometimes experience. Offer:

A Clean Car = A Fresh Look! has an inventory of car covers that vary in size, shape, and performance in order to provide each customer with the best custom fit for their car, suv, truck, van, station wagon, ATV, or motorcycle at a price they can afford. Our "Gold" car covers are the midway between low cost car covers and the highest quality car covers. By having a reasonable cost and similar features of expensive covers,'s Gold car covers are great for all year weather protection.

Plus, to find out which quality car cover you need, always feel free to contact us by phone or email. Everyone lives in different climates, has to park in multiple structures or places, and faces a variety of problems, such as dirt, leaves caught in the windshield, frozen engines, overheated dashboards, frosty windows, dents, scrapes, etc. With just one cover, a person will find their automobile clean and requiring less maintenance, such as not having to replace one's air filter, which can cost 2 or 3 times the price of just one cover!

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