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Automobiles have a rich history, where design, mechanics, electronics, or fuel continually improve and adjust to society’s needs and preferences. From a simple radio to Ipod auxiliary ports, how can anyone manage to make the best of their car, truck, SUV, van, station wagon, motorcycle, or ATV? wants to collect as much helpful information as possible to create a helpful source for everyday driving, maintenance, and safety tips.



Car covers, Truck covers, Suv covers, Custom Car Covers, UV Protection, 100% Waterproof & More! 

Most consumers have no idea the amount of car covers that are offered on the Internet, where prices vary from under $30 to over $300. If you check us out, you'll find not only the best products possible, but also the cheapest!

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We're constantly updating our site with helpful tips, tricks, information, and guides to improve your automotive lifestyle.  On, you will practically find everything you need to know about covering your car. Our articles section lists helpful topics for customers or occasional visitors who want to read whether out of interest or looking for more ways to save money articles about cars.


Why do we want to take the trouble to write about areas other than car covers?

Simple - to be helpful and make our site more universal for car people. Many sites try to make their sales and act just as a business, but other websites are becoming places for valuable information, as well. As a business, hopes you check out our site and look around, but, as a contributor to the Internet, we want you to enjoy reading our articles and feel free to contact us about what you've read. Inform us if there was something incorrect or something you wish to contribute. We always appreciate a good read and welcome your contributions, too! provides multiple auto accessories and car covers to meet the needs of daily weather protection. We offer products for every type of automobile, including cars, vans, trucks, station wagons, motorcycles, SUVs, ATVs, limousines, boats, and many more.

By shipping not only domestically but also internationally, offers top quality merchandise world wide.


For information regarding our Car Covers:

Read our page All About Car Covers


Car Cover Descriptions

A complete breakdown about each of our car covers, their qualities, custom fittings, and overall benefits, including usage, warranty, fabric, etc.

Indoor Car Covers

A brief explanation about the pros and cons of an indoor car cover in comparison to other companies and their products.

Car Covers By Location

An easy to use guide to match your type of weather with our products. Do you live in a place too sunny? Heavy rain? Perhaps, all of the above? Find out what cover will protect your car, suv, truck, station wagon, atv, or motorcycle by looking at what everyone can easily recognize - the weather!


For information regarding our Waterproof Car Covers:

Browse through our Cover Descriptions Page.


Waterproof Car Covers

A thorough definition of “Waterproof” and how offers the highest quality car covers on the web.

Platinum Car Cover's Waterproof Car Cover, the overall benefits of an automobile shielded from all types of weather. Who doesn't want complete weather protection for their vehicle?

Titanium Car Cover

Surpasses any car cover in terms of price, quality, and protection

Amazing Roll Up Car Covers

With a video and detailed specifications.


Other Products We Carry:

Floor Mats

Striving to make a floor mat that has the lowest cost and best convenience, provides a brief explanation about floor mats and how they fit your car's interior design.

Seat Covers

For perfect interior coverage with our 3 sets of seat covers, you can find the best protection for your upholstery, how a seat cover will improve your car's value and interior safety, and improve the car's looks.