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Evolution Car Cover

In our society, consumers look towards the mainstream for quality information, goods, and services, forcing businesses to do their best and grab as much attention as possible. By entertaining audiences with eye-catching commercials, special promotions, and developing a unique image, the larger corporations like fast-food chains, electronic stores, or movie industries have set the standard in terms of advertisements. Sadly, this small glimpse at the mega-billionaire companies holds little information for car cover manufacturers. Such dominant names like Evolution Covers, Cover Craft car covers, or Noah Covers mean little to everyday consumers who probably don't have a clue about car cover products in general.

Even considering perhaps the largest car cover fabric manufacturer, Kimberly-Clark, who developed the Block-It fabric for Noah, Evolution, Dustop, 380, 200, and 100 Car Covers, why does Wikipedia not contain any information about these products? Aside from Kimberly-Clark being a powerhouse for producing name brands like Kleenex, Scott, or Huggies – all more or less paper goods, Kimberly-Clark products like the Evolution car cover, which is a heavy-duty 4 layered polypropylene car cover are not mentioned (or easily located) on their main website.

Instead, one needs to locate the main Block-It website for a sample summary of their fabrics and car cover information. Why do companies like Kimberly-Clark avoid detailing all their products on their website? I'm sure the company isn't trying to hide any secrets as they have an alternate website on car cover information, but such an aversion doesn't look good for anyone who researches car cover information. In fact, the only aspect on Kimberly-Clark's main website was a small picture that faded in and out that showed the Block-It logo.

While products like the Evolution car cover can be located with detailed information on the website, if one compares the advertisements or claims on websites belonging to other retailers about Evolution Car Cover, some of them claim that a 4-layer car cover will protect against all types of weather conditions. The issue with such claims is that Kimberly-Clark only claims that the Evolution car cover is best for sun defense and doesn't mention anything about rain or snow resistance. (I'd mention the websites that claimed all weather protection, but I wouldn't want to blatantly attack or defame a company just for a particular misrepresentation. Just look on the first page of Google, and maybe you'll be able to separate the honest merchants versus those trying to make an easy buck!) While an Evolution car cover is great for outdoors, especially against the sun, the fabric company doesn't go into as much “depth” or promise as much as other websites claim. Who knows best about the Evolution car cover and the “block-it” fabric's abilities? Well, that is best left to the consumers.