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Disposable Universal Plastic Car Covers

Here at TheCarCover we offer extremely unique top of line products unlike others at below wholesale pricing. Question; why should a painter buy a Plastic Car Cover instead of using overspray protective sheeting film? The answer is short and simple Disposable Car Covers are inexpensive and easy to use for any contractor which will also almost grantee the protection and safety that is required, instead of covering cars with masker film materials. Our special line of provisional covers will wrap an entire full size vehicle within seconds. We understand that while being contracted at a job site there are many vehicles in site which can cause liability issues. Many contractors and painters choose to ignore the situation while putting themselves and their entire family at risk with the possible chance of a law suit. The reason for this is construction workers tend to get tired when using masking film while wrapping the vehicles outdoors or even indoors; at times this will result in them not doing anything to protect the autos that are surrounding the work area. Using a Temporary Car Cover on site will protect trucks, vans, and SUVs from paints, saw dust, dirt, and even rain. The exterior paint of a vehicle requires heavy detailing in the case of an accidental overspray. Using a trusted OEM Brand Name cover made by Oxgord will insure that you, your family, and the autos around you are protected. Our universal covers are a clear plastic material with elastic hems for an easy, ready fit solution for any auto body shop looking to perfect their business needs. The ideal use for this low cost product is for contactors, roofers, painters etc.

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Protect Against:Plastic Auto Cover

  • Unwanted dust from construction
  • Chemicals and harmful deposits
  • Saw dusts and general constructions
  • Overspray’s, latex, and oil based paint, solvents, etc.
  • Dirt and spray from power washing and cleaning.



  • Elastic band for a nice fit
  • Clear plastic material
  • 3 Mil Thickness
  • Retail packing for resale


Wholesale Disposable Auto Cover Prices:

  • Size 12’ X 22’ Fit all Cars

Qty 5 Pcs - $9.95
Qty 10 Pcs - $8.95
Qty 25 Pcs - $7.95
Qty 50 Pcs - $6.95
Qty 100 Pcs - $6.49

*No other discounts maybe combined with this offer.


  • Size 16’ X 24’ Fit all Trucks Vans SUVs even Furniture

Qty 5 Pcs - $11.95
Qty 10 Pcs - $10.95
Qty 25 Pcs - $9.95
Qty 50 Pcs - $8.95
Qty 100 Pcs - $8.49

*No other discounts maybe combined with this offer.

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For larger quantity orders or to inquire about wholesale plastic car covers, distributing, and bulk discount purchasing, you may either email us at or contact our wholesale disposable auto covers distribution department at toll free 800-221-0718 Ext 1004


Disposable Universal Plastic Car Covers
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Wholesale Bulk Pricing Options from $6.49 to $11.95

Minimum Order of 100 pieces will guarantee that you get our Lowest Price:$6.49