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Diamond Car Cover

5-Layer Car Cover

Diamond Car Covers are of the Highest Quality, and they offer the top performance for protection with 5 layers of protection, including a fleece inner lining, UV protection additives, and breathable for a complete defense against the weather. Specifically designed as a full, custom car cover, our Diamond car cover provides coverage, not just against every element, but for the entire car. Extremely durable yet soft to the touch, we also back up our Diamond car covers with a 7 year warranty because we know these covers will last a lifetime. Offers

Top Quality Assistance

From any car cover manufacturer, every company has their ultimate car cover. wants to provide top quality service in merchadise and price because, as the manufacturer of OEM accessories, we put all our effort making sure each customer receives a product worthwhile.'s Diamond car cover has all the features of any top quality car cover found on the Internet. With double knit stitchings, 5 layers of protection (when most waterproof car covers are only 4 layers), and UV additive protection, offers the greatest value at an affordable, reasonable price. While our customer representatives will help match the right car cover for your specific needs, if you are looking for a cover that will last, complete protection, lowest prices and the best quality customer service, then you should check out our Diamond  car cover. Not only will you be completely satisfied with your purchase, but your automobile will remain clean and completely protected for years and years!

Weatherproof, Highest Quality, & Affordable!

What makes a 5 Layer useful or worth buying?  

  • Complete Protection with a 7 Year Warrantu

  • Shields your Car, Truck, SUV, Van, Station Wagon, Motorcycle, or ATV from Dust and Unwanted Particles

  • Top Durability

  • Weatherproof - Protection against Rain, Snow, Ice, Hail, Winds, etc.

  • Softest Material

  • Greatest Coverage at a Reasonable Price

  • Increase Your Vehicle's Lifetime