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Universal Car Seat Covers | Custom SUV Seat Cover | Custom Fit Truck Seat Covers

Universal Car Seat Covers


Here at TheCarCover we are proud to offer complete protection for your interior vehicle needs. Question; why should car owners purchase Seat Covers for their autos? The answer is rather simple Car Seat Covers are an inexpensive interior resolution to maintaining your seats from discoloring, fading, and falling apart over the years. When having a family or pets it is almost unavoidable to prevent your child or pet from accidental spills, stains, animal hairs and dirt. These high quality covers can be used to protect all seats including the front and rear, buckets or benches in any car, SUV, van, and even trucks. Auto Seat Covers are available is many fabrics, colors, designs, patterns and styles. Finding a suitable soft material which actually feels comfortable as well as being safe for you back is very important to most vehicle owners. When searching in stores or even online for long lasting upholstery accessories a trusted OEM brand name such as Oxgord matters. Our Car Seat Cover complete set includes front separate bucket seats, back bench seat, seat belt pads, head rests, shoulder pads and even a steering wheel cover. Custom Car Seat Covers is highly recommended when one can afford it. However in cases when one cannot afford custom fit, semi custom fit is always another option. For an easy ready fit solution Universal Seat Covers is always best since it does not require any professional installation and is affordable for anyone. Our universal sets will even cover a vehicle that has intergraded head rests, high back buckets, low back buckets, and even split 60/40 benches. Auto Dealerships do not want to end up detailing their vehicles while trying to sell cars, therefore in most case they will use universal complete sets which are inexpensive look amazing and are extremely easy to use.

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Universal Auto Seat Cover

Protect Against:

  • Liquid Spills
  • Dirt Stains
  • Seat Deterioration
  • Accidental Spills
  • Animal Hairs and Droppings.




  • All New Look
  • Stretchy Material for Snug Fit
  • Soft Comfortable Material
  • Professional Installation Not Required
  • Water Resistance
  • Durable and Washable
  • Retail Packing for Resale


Wholesale Car Seat Cover Prices:


  • 16 Pcs Set


Qty 5 Pcs - $27.95
Qty 10 Pcs - $25.95
Qty 25 Pcs - $23.95
Qty 50 Pcs - $21.95
Qty 100 Pcs - $19.95


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