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All About Car Covers

You might be wondering....

"Why do I need a car cover for my car, truck, suv, station wagon, van, ATV, or Motorcycle?"

Well, here are a few simple advantages
you get from our covers:

Pollutants, Muck, Grime,...

From chemicals floating in the air because of production plants or the smog produced by industries to even Tree Sap, bird droppings, Snow/Ice/Hail, Dust particles, Dirt, and Ultra violet rays from the sun all damage your car's exterior and interior - reducing value and leading to potential loss of performance, as well. Not to mention, each time you need to wash your car, chemical-based soaps and gallons of water are used that may enter and pollute storm drains as well as accumulate excessive costs just for a temporary cleaning. Instead of getting a few car washes a month, why not try out a car cover? See how far a waxing really lasts and save some serious $$$!

Breathable -

All of our car covers keep from trapping heat or condensation from underneath the car cover. Your automobile's paint won't suffer from lack of oxygen like other covers, and your dashboard won't overheat from direct sunlight like window protectors.

UV Resistant -

Special additives infused within the car cover's fabric shield your vehicle from UV degradation and will fully protect your automobile's finish from front to back as well as the interior.

Dust Proof -

By incorporating a patented fiber encapsulation processes, all of our car covers prevent dust from filtering through the fabric leaving your air filter clean.

Small & Light -

Even from the added protection, our car covers' lightweight packaging allows for easy, compact folding that you won't waste valuable storage space.

Durable -

Performs well in extreme heat or fierce cold assuring your car won't have a cracked dashboard or need to "warm up" in cold weather. Also, the encapsulation process involved won't degrade the life of our car covers.

Gentle on the Paintwork -

Soft touch - your automobile's paint will remain safe-guarded from any form of scratches.

Will not Rot or Grow Mildew -

After a rainfall or snow storm, even if folded or stored away, our car cover fabric will neither rot nor support the growth of Mildew.

Effective Theft Deterrent -

With the decreased exposure time, few thieves will want to waste their time taking several minutes just to remove a basic car cover.

Plus, with a lock kit set looped through reinforced gormmets, you can add a simple yet effective security for even a Truck Cover or SUV Cover!

How Do Our Car Covers

Compare To Other Car Covers?


Most car covers are sprayed with a UV Stabilizer; a chemical that adds a layer to each car cover making it tough enough to reflect the sun's harmful rays. However, most of these chemicals can be very dangerous and cancerous to the human DOESN'T use or employ any harmful chemicals in our products. In fact, we ONLY use non-hazardous chemicals where there are no harmful effects yet provide you with high quality UV protection.


Have you ever noticed that most other car covers rely on stitching at the center? Such stitching patterns are due to their lacking the machinery technology which cuts out multiple pieces of fabric in different designs, which means, their products use more pieces put together to make one cover. Our car covers, however, are sewn with Germany's high-tech machinery for larger cut outs of fabric and still match the shape of your vehicle. This process allows us an easy way to assemble each car cover through less pieces and avoid any stitching at the center of the cover.


Each cover for cars, SUV's, Trucks, Motorcycles, or even ATV's follows a pattern based on specific, custom fitted sizes by our design staff in the U.S. - unlike those "one size fits all" that are generally sold by other companies and/or retailers.


The sun's UV rays can damage your vehicle's finish, especially after a new paint job, and even the interior, too! Even after covering your automobile, notice how the car cover looks "Showroom" bright. Not to mention, car covers have been proven through concealing both the vehicle and its contents to reduce theft. By covering a car, in terms of theft, your car will automatically become "Out of sight! - Out of mind!"

Furthermore, considering how heavy winds can carry many types of damaging particles or chemicals that create detrimental conditions toward your vehicle's delicate finish, we have designed each of our car covers particularly in mind to deflect even the most harshest of wind-type condtions. Plus, while our car covers shield against the wind, any potentially trapped moisture can still evaporate. From this added "breath-ability," our car covers become the hallmark for improved vehicle protection! By preventing smog and natural pollutants, you can avoid losing the shine on your automobile.

Through engineering our car covers to resist the most damaging of conditions, your car will secure a pristine finish and top quality performance for many seasons to come! Even though enclosed garages offer the greatest protection from extreme weather conditions, only a car cover will allow for a complete breathable, dust-free, scratchproof, and rust-free environment.