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Car Cover Reviews Reviews


As a long time observer for car cover material, I can't begin to tell you of the headaches involved – testing the materials, seeing covers that last months without deterioration to others fading and melting in a few weeks. In short, I've collected a few reviews about particular covers and wanted to share some of the adventure in car cover purchasing or browsing.


One of the most wide-spread problem involves the classic case of “ I like the product, but it doesn't feel soft enough.” Aside from car covers advertising a special fleece lining that anyone can recognize, judging a generic car cover's material for softness is like trying to swim through sand. While one can argue, “I know what soft feels like, and this isn't soft.” instead of seeing that a car cover only needs to be soft enough to not scratch your paint versus the softness of a silk dress are two drastically different levels of “softness.” Therefore, when you come across a car cover review that states “Car cover wasn't soft enough,” not only does this explain nothing about the actual cover quality, but this doesn't say if the product actually caused any damage or not.


Now, I'm not saying that people shouldn't expect their products to meet certain criteria, rather I'm trying to point out that car covers are advertised to do X, Y, and Z. Unless the particular retailer or advertisement specifically says real specifics, such as “Completely,100% waterproof car cover” or “Custom fitted to your vehicle,” don't think that the fabric can do more than advertised, such as never tear, never fade, or never deteriorate.


Like any fabric, car covers do not last forever. What matters most in a car cover product is the actual durability and quality of the car cover that you can test right away, such as the level of water resistance/waterproof, how well the cover fits (too large or small), and what offers or guarantees that come with the cover (warranty, refund time period, or exchange policies). Without actual evidence behind using the car cover, how can anyone judge a product's performance before the actual use – this is why many sites introduce car cover reviews.


For instance, our Ultimate Diamond Car Covers undergo a thorough waterproofing process for complete protection. Plus, the added inner fleece lining helps secure your vehicle from future accidental bumps, dings, dents, scratches, or scrapes! Always make sure that you check car cover reviews carefully and not end up thinking someone's preference actually defines the real properties of car covers. So, if you can't decide who to believe or trust about buying a car cover, follow these easy 3 steps:


Talk to the Company's customer service. See what they have to say before coming to conclusions. In most cases, you can get a better understanding about the product's capabilities over the phone or by email than reading their descriptions. Ads always try to present their product as best as possible.


Even after your purchase, see how the product works after a week. Most return policies give you around 30 days to test it out and still get a refund if you don't like it – this is a HUGE plus. Most retailers will only give you like 15 days to return a product and only if there's a defect.


Look for reviews with depth. Those who take the time to discuss their cover generally are telling the truth and want to share their experiences. Somebody who just says, “Sucks.” doesn't offer any input and could be just lashing out for any number of reasons. Even reviews that share a bad experience might not make sense. See what they wanted and what ended up happening. Sometimes an accidental tear or delayed delivery will lead to a bad review, when the company was not directly at fault. 


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Seeing as car covers have had mixed reviews because every car cover review out there can promise the best quality, only you can give the final call.


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