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Bronze Car Covers

Simple, Efficient, and Practical

What makes a 2 Layer useful or worth buying?  

  • Folds Quickly and Takes Up Little to No Space

  • Shields your Car, Truck, SUV, Van, Station Wagon, Motorcycle, or ATV from Dust and Unwanted Particles

  • Fewer Car Washes

  • Lowest Cost

  • Perfect for Indoor Protection

  • Easy Cleaning

  • Increase Your Vehicle's Lifetime!

Bronze Car Covers

Our Standard quality car covers offer a simple, low priced method to protecting your car inside a garage or under mild weather. The polypropylene fabric is designed to be especially soft for the vehicle, preventing any abrasion or extra friction in order to never scratch or damage any part of the car's paint. While a lightweight, breathable material, our "Bronze" car covers fully block out all dust and harmful chemicals that cause rusting and the spread of germs.

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We stands behind the tradition of quality customer service even for the least expensive of merchandise. All of our products come with a manufacturer warranty and 24/7 support for your car cover needs. While other manufacturers will offer multiple reasons to support their product, we provide actual assistance and backing with every purchase, as well as high quality goods.

Our goal is to make sure every customer feels COMPLETELY satisfied with our company after making a purchase. Plus, we offer detailed information about all of our products, so you will know exactly what you are purchasing.

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